Friday, October 14, 2011

June 2011

I'm left with having to recall the events a couple months back. I guess that's what I get for not blogging on a more regular basis!
In June we went to a safety-type festival that was sponsored by the hospital that I work for. There were several fire trucks and other emergency vehicles that the boys enjoyed looking at and exploring. There was also an obstacle course that the firefighters supported. Below is Cam at work on the course!

We spent several days this sumer at Belleview Park. It's a great park with a wading stream running through it which is perfect for a hot summer day. Here's Myles cooling off.
Cam and Beckett playing in the sand.
There's also a small petting zoo at this park.

And there's a train that runs through the park as well.
Here's a random pic of Myles trying to play on Cam's Star Wars computer. He went through a period where he was really into it.
Father's Day 2011! The pic on the right is the boys giving Tom his gift which was a book about heroes. Later that day we went to Wash Park to ride the paddle boat. It was fun but also a bit difficult trying to hold Myles on my lap while also pedaling.

Here is my favorite photo of the day! Happy Father's Day Tom!

Once again, Myles is at the Star Wars computer. I think he stole it from Cam and went running into his room and laid down on the floor with it!
Below is a video of Cam riding his bike. Not sure though if it will come through.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A lot overdue....again!

Well, this post is very overdue. I've been trying for weeks to get some videos uploaded without success. I used to be able to post them via the blogger video icon but it doesn't work anymore. Sarah gave me some tips on using what she uses ( but it keeps asking me for money but somehow lets her use it for free. I'm so very frustrated to not be able to post videos!

Nonetheless, that is my reason for being so late in posting these pics. I think all of these are from May. These first couple are from a very hot day of Cam's soccer game. Myles kept stealing my water, which I in turn, would pour on him and he loved it!
Here's Cam. He's in white far right. He did a bit better this season but still seems drift into la-la land at times. After every game we asked if he had fun and he'd reply "yes and I tried my best." What else can we ask for?!
My sister Sandy, her husband Will, and their son Anders came for a visit. They were here for Mother's Day on which Sandy, my mom and I drove to Boulder and ran the Title 9K+ (basically a 10k). It was warm but fun. I regret that I didn't get pics later that day of Anders playing his guitar and singing Johnny Cash tunes. I did get pics though of the boys jammin' on Grandpa's drums as well as some maracas and the tambourine.
Cam takes a shot at it but was a bit shy about it at first.
Anders wasn't shy at all!
Anders' tongue action!
His new signature pose!
Trying some different mallets.
Cam and Myles tag-team!

We took a trip to Canon City, CO to ride the Royal Gorge train. It was a cool rainy day. We boarded the train just before the scheduled departure however then proceeded to sit for almost an hour while we waited for another train to come through the canon before we could proceed. Surprisingly the boys did really well while waiting for departure.
Anders with Tom in his usual animated fashion!
Will and Sandy await departure.
Grandpa and Grandma also patiently wait. The time gave us plenty of opportunities for photos!
The boys show off their tickets!
Watching the much awaited train pass so we can depart!
Will and Anders
Tom and Myles
The train ride was really nice. It sprinkled the entire time but we were able to enjoy the outside viewing car anyway. We then drove to Colorado Springs to stay the night. The next morning we went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. We've been there once before and I was excited to return. It's such a unique zoo being built on the side of a mountain and it's really just beautiful! The first thing we did was feed the giraffes which is my favorite part. They're very friendly and have such long tongues!
Seems like Anders is withholding the lettuce from this one!
Cam feeds the young giraffe while ?Mom? looks on. I was waiting for the adult giraffe to lick Cam's head but it didn't happen!

Myles was a bit skiddish at first but warmed up and fed them.

Will and Anders check out the wallaby.
Cam petting the baby wallaby.

Our little tigers!
The boys wanted to do the pony rides. Here they patiently wait.
Cam riding with others looking on.
Myles again was a bit nervous at first but enjoyed it after all.
This started out by Cam helping to give the snake new water in it's cage, but then progressed to Cam holding this "milk snake" which is typically found in Mexico. He was so brave!
We were fortunate to see the Lar Gibbon (a small ape) when it was feeding time. The zoo employee had them do a bunch of tricks and then they started in with their "calls" which were hilarious. I got it on video but as I said earlier I cannot post these!!!
Cam was lucky to help make these snack packages for the Gibbons. It consisted of a toilet paper roll filled with things like Cheerios and craisins. The Gibbons then were able to open the toilet paper rolls and enjoy their snack.

Anders and Myles check out the gorilla which was quite large and enjoying a lettuce snack.
I've always loved orangutans and this one had her little baby with her. I just love watching them.
The night of our zoo trip was Cam's graduation program from pre-K! It's so hard to believe he's Kindergarten bound!
Grandpa and Myles await Cam's class to start singing.

These are two of Cam's buddies--Diego (left) and Herschel (right)
Cam and his teacher, Ms. Emily. She was so great!
Myles was found doing this one day. Ugh! He sees Cam use the chair to reach things so of course he likes do stand on it as well. Not sure why he was using it to look in the mirror.
Myles got a new helmet! We walked down to a new coffee shop in our neighborhood and the boys got a free smoothly which they split. Myles clearly loved it!
I feel like Myles looks like a little person here. Too cute!
We've made it a tradition the last several years to attend the Gaylord Street Festival on Memorial Day weekend. Cam shows off his spider face painting. He was a bit disappointed that the artist didn't know anything Star Wars to paint!
If you can see Cam's face it's clear that he's enjoying himself!
He was a trooper at climbing this wall too although couldn't quite make it to the top despite many attempts!

Oh darn. I just realized this picture posted sideways and I can't seems to figure out how to turn it now that it's posted. Anyway, here is Cam and Myles practicing t-ball. It's pretty cute b/c Cam will hit the ball and Myles will chase it and bring it back. Cam has his own ball boy! And yes, Cam has started t-ball. Those pics will be posted soon!